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Investing in Tomorrow's

Great Technology Companies

What We Look For

BHV members look at a wide variety of investment opportunities, but our sweet spot is early and growth stage digital businesses in the software, e-commerce and marketing spaces. We like to invest in businesses where our backgrounds, knowledge and networks can add value beyond the capital we invest. We look for companies that have shown product market fit, the ability to execute, and have a great team behind them.  

Our Process

  • Typically one of our members will identify a new opportunity and act as a "sponsor".

  • This sponsor will do early diligence (read investor docs, meet with entrepreneur, and do market research).

  • If they find the opportunity appealing they will share it with the broader group to gauge interest. 

  • Members who are interested will then meet with the entrepreneur and dive deeper.

  • Members who decide to invest often do so individually. That said, sometimes we create Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) to make investments as one single entity.

  • We prefer not to be the lead investor and are always excited to see a larger VC lead the round and set the terms.

  • If we are investing during the seed/startup phase, we prefer equity, but will consider SAFE, KISS and convertible notes.

  • Once invested, a BHV Member will be designated as the central contact for ongoing communication/support.

Recent Member Investments


Magellan builds tools that help brands and agencies spend intelligently on podcast advertising. Magellan's tools allow advertisers to understand who is advertising on what podcasts and to verify their ads ran with air checks. 

Hims logo.png

hims is a direct to consumer health and wellness company. hims is a one-stop shop for men's wellness and personal care, providing medical grade solutions for men's hair loss, ED, skin care, and more.


PebblePost® is the leading digital-to-direct mail marketing platform. PebblePost captures online interest and intent data to send relevant direct mail that activates buying decisions at home and drives conversions everywhere.

Adway logo.png

Adway is on a mission is to revolutionize the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry by infusing it with the on demand economy. Adway pays drivers to project ads on the sides of their personal or company vehicles. 


Popwallet is The Mobile Wallet Marketing Company, that enables brands to deliver personalized and connected experiences to people through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.


Willa’s is the first oat milk to use the entire whole oat and all organic ingredients to craft a great-tasting, healthier plant-based milk.


Andonix automates front-line work in industrial age companies like the auto industry through a SaaS platform that connects people, process and place. Designed to connect and manage front-line manufacturing workers through smartphones they already have.

Recent Investments

Improvado's marketer-focused integration and visualization platform eliminates the hassle and manual effort associated w reporting and monitoring ad campaigns. Its 150+ marketing platform integrations eliminate the need for custom development. 

mparticle logo.png

mParticle is a customer data platform for the connected age. Its platform helps companies unify customer data and connect it anywhere to improve marketing performance, enhance analytics, and transform the customer experience.


Symbiosis is a next-generation retail media platform designed to unlock the middle of the Retail Media funnel. The company’s proprietary platform allows retailers and brands to jointly run offsite sponsored product ad campaigns on search and social media.


Howl is a new marketplace designed for creators and brands who crave transparent collaboration.  Howl's platform enables the scalable creation of editorial content that sells. Clients include Sephora, Target, Samsung & Lenovo.

Communo log 2.png

Communo is tearing down the walls that stand between good agencies and good people, by reinventing the way marketing, and digital creative talent is sourced, evaluated and hired.


Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform that helps e-commerce and retail brands connect with customers. Attentive works with over 400 innovative retail brands such as Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Coach, CB2, and Jack in the Box


Elephant in a Box is an innovative D2C furniture company that creates "easy to move"  furniture, for today's transient consumer. Its flagship product is a foldable and portable, luxurious sofa that can be assembled in minutes and  disassembled in less than five!

Jupiter Logo.png

Jupiter is a direct to consumer brand focused on eliminating the stigmas surrounding dandruff shampoo. Jupiter's mission is to create better working, better smelling, better looking products so you don't have to give a "flake".


MikMak lets brands unify their digital storefront across online retailers. MikMak is an enterprise marketing eCommerce platform that enables brands to create thumb-stopping shopping experiences connected to 200+ online retailers.  


Zubale partners with retailers to provide white-label pick, pack and delivery services using an on-demand workforce. The company’s proprietary technology facilitates millions of ecommerce orders across Latin America. 


Jane Technologies is a leader in cannabis ecommerce, connecting consumers with quality cannabis products from over 2,000 local dispensaries and brands for easy pick up and delivery. 


Windfall uses deterministic data sets and proprietary algorithms to provide actionable consumer financial data. Its net worth data is used by non-profits looking to target potential donors and by for-profit companies looking to target wealthier customers.

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